Frequently Asked Questions about MaterialDistrict


What does MaterialDistrict do?
MaterialDistrict is a match-making platform connecting material manufacturers and distributors with creative professionals, such as (interior) architects, product and industrial designers. As an inspiration platform, MaterialDistrict provides information about materials to designers, who in turn can request information and samples from the manufacturer or supplier.

Does MaterialDistrict offer a free service?
MaterialDistrict is 100% free for creative professionals. You only have tosign up. Requesting information and samples is also free.

How can I sign up to your website?
Click on the button ‘Join’ in the upper right corner and follow the steps.

Manufacturer / supplier

Why should a brand join you?
MaterialDistrict is the world’s leading platform for innovative materials. Bypromotingyour material(s) via our website, you come in contact with specifiers around the world.

What kind of brands can participate?
Brands with materials for spatial design can participate.

Can you add my material to the MaterialDistrict website?
Yes, we can! For this, we ask a hosting fee of €100 per material per year. You can submit your material乐动体育平台 .

Can you promote my material or brand?
Yes, we can also do that! By promoting your brand via MaterialDistrict, your material can be seen by the 150,000+ creative professionals in our network. 80,000 users visit our website each month, 65,000 people subscribe to our newsletter, and more than 30,000 people follow us on social media. We offer various ways to promote your brand and/or material(s). You can see our promotional possibilities在这里,或者你可以联系我们sales team.

I have one or more materials on, how can I update my information?
Send an email with the changes you would like to make to oureditorial team.

How does MaterialDistrict support start-ups or young designers?
To support material innovation from star-ups and young designers, MaterialDistrict set up the MaterialDistrict Innovation Fund in 2018. Brands younger than five years old that create materials that meet our sustainability demands (in the fields of Energy Transition, Circularity, and/or Wellbeing) can apply for up to 75% subsidy for their participation in MaterialDistrict’s website, theme newsletters, or events.

Creative professional

Do you sell the materials on your website?
如果你已经找到了material to your liking, use the button ‘Request information’ on the material page (below the photos) to contact the manufacturer or supplier of the material. If no such button is pres